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On Hawaii’s numerous islands we discover one of the world’s most diverse societies: Hawaiians, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Japanese and Portuguese, who all contribute to the cultural richness. Food offers an initial insight into this variety: we don’t know what to try first. Should we head for a restaurant or try the legendary food trucks that line the Kamehameha Highway? With its array of influences and unique cultural mix, Hawaii’s cuisine appears very modern. We can’t get enough of the time-honoured lunchtime fare ‘Ahi Poke’ – a dish of marinated, uncooked tuna.
The equally diverse nature overwhelms us too: Rainforests, extinct volcanoes, even the weather varies from island to island. And then there are beaches like the one in Kalalau. We reach this paradise by taking a fantastic hike along the Na Pali coast, the geologically oldest part of the Hawaiian islands. The Kalalau Trail leads us to magnificent beaches that are completely deserted. We look around: the red-coloured sand, the mountains, a waterfall, forests and the towering Pacific waves. Breathtaking!

As we explore further, we also learn two other things that are almost as important as aloha in Hawaii: ‘Kuʻokoʻa’ (freedom) and ‘Holuholu’ (flexibility). People here believe they can achieve anything if they want it enough. And that every path is the right path if it guides them to a new beginning.